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The application process will be much like it has been in the past. We are asking everyone to complete an application for consideration to participate. The tremendous number of early inquiries indicates that we will again use the Priority Point system to determine who will actually receive a pass to ride.

Those who wish to apply for this year's ride may do so by sending an email to Nate Warren ( and including the following information:

    1. Driver's Name
    2. Rider's Name
    3. Driver's Address
    4. Daytime Phone Number
    5. Ahearn Fund AD Number


Late applications will not be considered. Those selected will receive an invitation with more details and those not selected will receive a letter by mail. APPLICATIONS ARE LIMITED TO THOSE WHO WILL ACTUALLY TAKE PART IN THE RIDE AS EITHER THE DRIVER OR RIDER.

We would like to included everyone but there simply is not time or space to accomodate all applications. Past experience has taught us that 100 bikes is the optimal number since the first bikes are ready to exit the stadium as the last bikes are preparing to enter. This number is also in compliance with the very detailed pre-game restrictions. We appreciate everyone's understanding concering this situation.

It's Harley time again, so get your bike tuned up -- let's show the Baylor Bears on October 12 what Harley Day is all about!

To ensure your chance of riding in next year’s event, renew your Ahearn Fund membership or Join Today!

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