Providing A World-Class Student-Athlete Experience is one of the main goals for the K-State Athletics Department. Over the years, Ahearn Fund members have been directly assisting in accomplishing this goal.


"The AhearnFund has given us a million opportunities to succeed. Their support and denotations have allowed K-State to succeed at the highest level. They directly have impacted me by allowing me the best chance to live out my dreams of being the best basketball player I can be here at K-State"

Women's Basketball, Class of 2013


"The most obvious benefit from the Ahearn Fund is our new facility, the Intercollegiate Rowing Center, completed in Fall of 2013 which is a tremendous assistance in our ability to give our students a great athletics experience. The other is the continued financial help we can offer to so many mainly Kansas women to compete at a Division I school."

Head Coach, K-State Rowing


"Thanks to K-State fans and the Ahearn Fund, I was able to pursue my goals to be in the medical field while I played a sport I am very passionate about! I was also able to gain valuable life lessons that really have prepared me to be who I am today. The fans of K-State are truly special!"

Volleyball, Class of 2003


"I have the benefit of being a former student-athlete at K-State, as well as an assistant coach. From both viewpoints, I would say with no hesitation that without Ahearn Fund members we would not have been able to provide our student-athletes with world-class experience. Thanks to their extensive support we are able to compete with the best teams in the conference."

Tennis, Class of 2008


"I earned an athletic scholarship my junior year and that allowed me to really focus on my academic and basketball obligations instead of trying to figure out how I was going to cover gaps in finances. The Ahearn Fund members and K-State fans that donated money helped me focus enough to get a job at ConocoPhillips and help lead K-State to the Elite 8. I will never forget their generosity – it changed my life."

Men's Basketball, Class of 2010

Education Costs

Your donation to the Ahearn Fund helps support achievements in the classroom by assisting the ever increasing costs of higher education.

K-State has a total of around 220 athletic scholarships covering 16 intercollegiate varsity athletic teams. That means that the K-State Athletics Department pays approximately $10.3 million each year to Kansas State University for these scholarships.

Financial support from generous Ahearn Fund members allows K-State Athletics to not only cover tuition and fees, but also housing, meals, equipment fees and more.

The Cost of a World-Class Student-Athlete Experience

Out-of State Scholarship (covers tuition, fees, room & board, books) $30,633
Academic Tutoring and Advising $2,662
Strength and Conditioning $1,560
Sports Medicine $3,646
Food Service and Nutritionist $3,132
Travel $14,800
Game Jerseys (six per player) $400
Knee Pads (five per player) $75
Game Spandex Shorts (five per player) $75
Nike Court Shoes (four pairs per player) $240
TOTAL: $57,223

Academic Services Program

Ahearn Fund dollars allow K-State Athletics to provide support for our student-athletes through the Academic Services Program. The Academic Services Program is staffed by six full-time academic counselors, including a Life Skills Director, Coordinator for Specialized Learning Services, and approximately sixty academic tutors.

Each team is assigned an academic counselor who is responsible for contact with designated student athletes, supervision of tutorial services, administration of the team's study sessions and monitoring the student's academic progress.

Each counselor works with their students in utilizing program resources, University services, and the academic advising required by their School, College or major department

Capital Projects

As K-State Athletics continues to provide for our over 450 student-athletes a world-class experience, multiple capital improvements have been made possible through the generosity of more than 8,500 Ahearn Fund members.

Facility improvements for rowing, tennis, volleyball, baseball and soccer are just a few examples of how every member of the Ahearn Fund greatly impacts the K-State experience for ALL Wildcat student-athletes.

Many loyal K-State Alumni, Business Partners and passionate Wildcat fans have given above and beyond their Ahearn Fund annual donation to make many of these capital projects a reality.

As we move into the future of K-State Athletics and the facilities masterplan, philanthropic support from our loyal donor base and beyond will secure the future for our outstanding student-athletes and K-State Athletics.

If you are interested in giving to specific capital projects or would like to receive further information, please contact the Ahearn Fund office at 888-232-9074 or via email at

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