Spotlight: Coaches & Student-Athletes

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Your support of the Ahearn Fund has a direct impact on all 440 plus Wildcat student-athletes and their coaches. Each has their own story to tell about how they expereince this impact, and will share them with you in this space each month:

Current Student Athlete:

Brittany Chambers, Women's Basketball
Hometown: Jordan, MN | College/Major: Life Sciences

Brittany Chambers, WBB

What does it mean to you to be a student-athlete at K-State?
Being a student athlete at K-State has been such a blessing to me in so many ways.  The sense of pride that this school has about its athletic programs, and the respect and support given to the student athletes is unbelievable.  Coming from a different state, the welcoming and family environment here has made it a second home to me.  Walking out on the court for home games is such an over-whelming feeling.  The pride and privilege that I feel wearing that k-state jersey and representing everything that we stand for is the most amazing opportunity.  I thank God every day that he led me here.


Pat Sweeney, Rowing
Seasons at K-State: 10th Year

Pat Sweeney, ROW

What does it mean to you to be a coach at K-State?
Our Athletic Department is special and the enjoyment of being a part of it –The support the athletes of the different teams show to each other, the staff of the department supporting all the athletes not just the show case sports.
Also what sets us apart are our monthly head coaches meetings. I have worked at other schools and you would never see the football or basketball coaches attend, here all our coaches are involved and share with all the sports.
Then there is the fan support that is unlike any other!!

How has your program benefited from the grass-roots support shown by K-State fans and members of the Ahearn Fund?
The most obvious is our new facility ‘The Intercollegiate Rowing Center’ to be completed Fall 2013 which will be a tremendous assistance in our ability to give our students a great athletics experience. The other is the continued financial help we can offer to so many mainly Kansas women to compete at a Division 1 school.

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