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Did you know? The National Leadership Circle’s 400+ members span across 20 different states

A comprehensive program for K-State Athletics' leadership support

For decades, the Kansas State family has brought a collective spirit of enthusiasm and excitement in supporting all aspects of our great university. With each extraordinary win and well-deserved honor, there have been smaller and often unrecognized successes that are the foundation of Wildcat Athletics. It is with this foundation and the collective commitment of the Kansas State family that we are now poised to build upon the work and support of so many to achieve our vision of being a model intercollegiate athletics program–one that will be the envy of peers across the nation.

"K-State’s ability to compete in the Big 12 and nationally hinges on many factors, not the least of which is private support at the leadership level."
John Currie, Director of Athletics

Passion is a word commonly used to describe the K-State family. We know that K-Staters are passionate about Wildcat Athletics, about success, and most of all, about doing things right. With almost half of Kansas State University's alumni base living outside the state of Kansas it is vital we capitalize on the support of K-Stater's across the country.

The time has come to channel our passion for all things K-State and reach for excellence. With your support, we can see that our our athletic programs not only continue to do things the right way, but are on the path for outstanding academic achievements as well as competing for conference and national championships.

The National Leadership Circle (NLC) of the Ahearn Fund is a comprehensive program for K-State’s top level of annual donors to athletics. In appreciation for their impact on the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence, NLC members are recognized with Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond levels and receive special benefits accordingly.

In 2014, we are pleased to have over 400 members, with approximately 13% of those members living outside that state of Kansas. The national reach of Wildcat Athletics is growing and the Ahearn Fund staff continues to channel resources to expand this connection so that more and more people can join in the shared vision of success.

National Leadership Circle Summary
Year Bronze Level
Silver Level
Gold Level
Diamond Level
2009 154 33 8 - 195
2010 184 39 15 - 238
2011 216 52 27 - 295
2012 235 52 25 - 312
2013 271 81 37 10 399
2014 283 94 27 13 427

This level of annual commitment from National Leadership Circle members helps to fund scholarships, sports medicine, academic support and other services that directly benefit Wildcat student-athletes while also funding Kansas State’s margin of excellence through strategic enhancements such as facility improvements and coaches’ salaries.

Members of the National Leadership Circle accounted for 54% of total giving ($17 Million) to the Ahearn Fund in 2014.

Without the generous support of NLC members, this would not be possible.

In fact, 54% of 17 million of total giving to the Ahearn Fund in 2014 came from the generous support of National Leadership Circle members. Fueled by the philanthropic support of the K-State family, now is the time to continue to expand the foundation and enthusiasm for Wildcat Athletics.

For more information on the Ahearn Fund’s National Leadership Circle, please contact Alex Kringen at 785-532-7674 or via email at, or Jen Schulte at 785-532-777 or via email at

National Leadership Circle Levels

  • Diamond Level: ($100,000+ Annual Commitment)
  • Gold Level: ($50,000+ Annual Commitment)
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  • Silver Level: ($25,000 – $49,999 Annual Commitment)
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  • Bronze Level: ($10,000 – $24,999 Annual Commitment)
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