Ahearn Fund Initiatives: R1SE UP

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Ahearn Fund members are among the most passionate and loyal supporters of the Wildcats, but are certainly not the only avid K-State fans. Your continued support is crucial to the long-term success of K-State Athletics, and by sharing your passion for the program, along with your reasons for being a member with your friends, family, and colleagues, you become the Ahearn Fund's best ambassador.

Last spring, the Ahearn Fund launched R1SE UP: The Ahearn Fund's National Membership Campaign, challenging each Ahearn Fund member to recruit one new member. You responded, recruiting over 100 K-Staters to join the Ahearn Fund for the first time. The goal for 2012-2013 is 800 new Ahearn Fund members. Help us reach this goal!

We are again challenging every current Ahearn Fund member to recruit ONE perosn to become a new Ahearn Fund member during the 2012 Football season.



It is easy and convenient! Simply send your friends to:



Have them call the Ahearn Fund at 1-888-232-7094 and tell us you referred them.


New Members
Invitation for you and a guest to watch the 'Cats run down the ramp from the field at a home Football game
Courtside seats at a Men's Basketball game
Invitation to watch a Men's Basketball practice at the new Basketball Training Facility
Official game-used Football helmet

Most (minimum 20)

Tickets and 2 nights hotel accommodations at the 2013 Big 12 Basketball Tournament



For additional information regarding the R1SE UP Member Referral Program, please contact Nate Warren at 785-532-7932 or via email at nwarren@kstatesports.com.

Call on your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to help K-State Athletics “R1SE UP

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